Bling2 Mod Apk for mobile Latest V 2.11.8(Premium Unlocked) Live Download Free

bling2 mod apk
Application Name
Bling2 mod apk
Version 2.11.8
Updated on 2023
Download size38  MB
Modified versionAll premium features are unlocked

We know that in this era, finding a legit apk that provides live streaming is crucial as live streaming is popular nowadays. Scammers do scams by providing virus-affected apps to earn bread.

But do not worry, we have a solution for that. Our team has found an application named Bling2 mod apk that provides live streaming and mini-games.

It has premium features for free.
We have tested this application and discovered that it gives you the thing they promise.

Bling2 mod apk is the live-streaming apk which is developed by bling2, an Indonesian-based apk. It has many followers worldwide due to its unique interface and features. It is recommended that you use this application if you are 18+.

What is bling2 apk?

We know that you are wondering about what it is bling2 apk?

Bling2 apk is an application that provides live streaming and mini-games for its users. It is famous for its 18+ content that may or may not provided by live streaming.

You can also play games, invite your friends to private rooms, send gifts to your idols, and much more. You can download this apk from

Features of bling2 apk

live streaming

When the internet modifies itself, the entertainment field has grown to a peak level. Live streaming is one example of a revolution in the entertainment industry.

The best feature of bling2 apk is live streaming. You can connect with your idols and favorite stars through live streaming.


Most developers are young and know what the young generation needs when tired of their daily routines.

Accordingly, the developers of bling2 apk also develop mini-games in bling2 for their users to enjoy both live streaming and gaming as both are favorite things of youth in their leisure time. bling2 apk provides various types of games that user can play according to their choice.

Earn money by playing games

everyone wants money for nothing. It is not that amazing that in bling2 apk, you can earn money by playing games. It is that much easier. You have to play games, and you will get your bucks.

You can earn different types of badges that you can gift to your idol as well. Bling2 apk is a paradise for those who want money by doing nothing and earn by playing their favorite games.

Easy-to-use Interface

when the Interface of the application does not look good and is found to be irritating, it is disliked by both the user and the internet.

But the Interface of bling2 apk is very user-friendly. The theme and the colors of bling2 apk are very eye-catching, and they release a soothing effect on their users.

Fantastic daily offers

There are many amazing daily offers in the bling2 mod apk where you can avail of different offers by application. For example, offers of premium features where you can buy deals for less money than before.

Entrance as guest

The best thing about bling2 apk is its guest login, where you do not have to make an account and can enjoy apk without wasting your time.

What is mod apk ?

Have you wondered about your friends using the premium feature for free in games or other apks, but you have to pay for those features? You must be wondering how they can use it for free. Do they hack the game or use illegal resources?

Well, things are not like that. We will give you that secret. Applications which is modified by third persons are called mod apks, and they have their pros and cons that we will discuss later in the article.

What is bling2 mod apk ?

As many applications have their modded versions, bling2 apk has its modified version, which is called bling2 mod apk. Bling2 mod apk has many more features than bling2 apk because it is modified by a third person to give facilities to their users.

It has many features like an unlocked room, unlocked money, no login, and more. The link for downloading the free bling2 mod apk is given above, or you can download it here.

bling2 mod apk

bling2 mod apk v2. 10.3 1

There are many versions of bling2 mod apk as its updates come offently. bling2 mod apk v2.10.3 1 is the old version. Many users like it due to its previous features and other options that may be changed or erased in updated versions. The download link of bling2 mod apk v2.10.3 1 is given above, or you can also download it from below.

Features /Advantages of bling2 mod apk

bling2 mod apk unlock room

In the bling2 apk, the user has to pay for a private room to talk with their friends or idols, but in the bling2 mod apk, you just have to create a room without breaking your bank balance. Plus, the point is that you can sit with your favorite stars in the unlocked room and give them gifts.

This will enable you to engage with a community of bling2. The link to the bling2 mod apk unlock room is here. You can also enjoy bling2 mod apk v2. 10.3 1 unlock room as many users love its older versions. The link is given above, or you can also download it here.

bling2 mod apk unlimited money 

Money is important whether you are in a game or real life. What if someone gives you a lot of money for free? You might think this is wrong, but it is possible in the bling2 mod apk, where you can get unlimited money in the game for free; you just have to install the bling2 mod apk and tadda.

You can buy things in-game and do whatever with this money in-game. Not only this, but you can send gifts to your idols using this money.

Eye-catching and user-friendly interface

We know that in every application, Interface plays a very crucial role. That’s why we got bling2 mod apk as its interface is very eye-catching and user-friendly. In the bling2 apk, users have limited options unless they pay for premium features; still, in the bling2 mod apk, you can modify things according to your needs.

Easy to navigate

Navigation of every application should be clear and easy. The developers of bling2 apk keep that thing in their mind and develop bling2 accordingly. What if you ask someone for the address of your friend’s house and he navigates you terribly and, as a result, you will get lost? The same is true for the application; if it is easy to navigate, you will love it. That is why we got the bling2 mod apk, which has user-friendly navigation.

bling2 mod apk no login/tanpa login

The best feature of bling2 mod apk is no login, or you can say without login. It means that in the bling2 apk, the user has to sign up for using this apk, but in the bling2 mod apk, you do not have to sign up for using this application. It saves your time as well as your personal information from leaking.

Talking with the host without interruption 

There are hosts in bling2 who created rooms or started live streaming. However, not everyone can interact with the host due to the limit of the free version. But in the bling2 mod apk, you can interact with the host, share videos, and send gifts. Enjoy your online meetup with this amazing feature.

bling2 mod apk for free

The apk with dozens of free features is free. Yes, you read right ! Bling2 Mod apk is free to download. You do not have to pay a single penny to get this amazing apk that can change your mood in seconds with its premium features.

Live and chat options. 

There are many options in bling2 apk, but some are only for premium users. But in the bling2 mod apk, these premium features are also unlocked. For example, live and chat options are free in a modded version, where you can start live streaming with friends and chat with your lovely ones.


when people are tired of their routine work, they search for a source of entertainment, and games are the best. In the bling2 mod apk, there are various mini-games that users can play and feel happy. Live streaming and gaming are both given by this modded version.

Filters are the best way to represent yourself.

Everyone wants to look beautiful in this era, but all fingers are not the same. Some people have dark and chocolaty colors, but that is natural. The solution for this is filters, which make you presentable and boost your confidence

. bling2 apk provides filters but with a limit. In contrast, the modded version lets you get all the filters and their variations, which helps the user start talking confidently and create an amazing community.

Gift boxes

when you like or care about someone, you send gifts or what they want. In the bling2 mod apk, you can also send gifts to your favorite ones and share your love with them in the form of gifts. There are hundreds of gifts that you can send to your idol to make them feel happy.

Allow screenshot

taking screenshots is prohibited in bling2 apk. Due to its policy and regulations. But this useful feature is available in the modded version. Where you can take screenshots of your desired thing.

Latest version

Bling2 mod apk has many versions. We are providing you with all the versions. But in the latest version, you can find more features to enhance your user experience. The latest version provides features like an unlocked room, unlimited money, and more.

Interesting Information

Is MOD APK illegal?

Technically speaking, it is illegal to develop an app similar to others with paid free

features in the original app. It’s like making a clone. This may cause copyright issues.

But downloading a Mod apk is not illegal and you don’t pay anything for it.

Lightweight application

The bling2 mod apk is extremely lightweight as it does not take very much memory from your device, which is a very nice feature of the bling2 mod apk.

The user can download and install this apk if he has space of more than 32 MB in his mobile, which is much less in amount.

Wonderful experience without ads 

Many applications use ads for earning, but it can ruin user experience. In the bling2 apk, there are ads for the free user that can disturb the user experience, but in the bling2 mod live apk, there are no ads that enhance the user experience. You can play games, start live streaming, and much more without interruption.

Review Broadcasted Videos

We all want to record our previous moments so we can watch them later whenever we want. blin2 mod apk provides this feature where you can review your broadcast whenever possible.

Content Creations tools

bling2 mod apk allows you to create high-quality content using content creation tools. You can use different tools to enhance your content and make your users happy.

bling2 mod apk

Does bling2 mod apk supports Android and PC?

Yes, bling2 mod apk supports Android as well as personal computers. bling2 mod apk is an Android application, and it supports Android.

You can also try this game on the computer by using an emulator that enables you to play Android apks on your computer. Follow the steps given below to play the bling2 mod apk in the emulator easily :

  1. Go to your web browser and search bluestacks.

 2. Click on the first website name, bluestacks.

 3. Download the file from the given link.

4. Install the downloaded file.

5. tadda! Enjoy your application on the installed emulator.

How to download bling2 mod apk

To use any app, you have to download it. But it may be a tough process as many websites use redirects on the download that lead to wastage of your time. You can download the bling2 mod apk without any problem. there is a step-by-step guide on how to download the bling2 mod apk given below:

1 . open your web browser and search

2. scroll a bit, and you will find the download button

3. click on the download button, and your download process will start

4. if it does not start, repeat the process again

follow the steps to get the right file and proceed to the installation process

How to install/Cara install bling2 mod apk

After downloading the apk file, the next step is installation, which may be difficult because playing your favorite game takes many steps. Follow the steps given below for successful installation:

  1. open your mobile settings and search for ” install unknown apps.”
bling2 mod apk

2. click on Install unknown Apps and open Files by Google or File Manager

3. click on Allow from this source

 4. Now go to your file manager and open your downloaded apk

5. click on the install button

6. Enjoy!

To get your installation done perfectly, follow the instruction

How to play bling2 mod apk?

When you install the apk, you can play the games, or you can start live streaming

if you want to do live streaming, go to the live streaming section, and if you want to play games, open mini-games from the options list and enjoy your favorite game.

There are private rooms where you can join and send videos, chat, and much more with your friends or idols.

How to open a locked room in bling2 live for free?

Rooms are the best feature of the bling2 live apk, where you can create private rooms, start live streaming with your friends, chat, and send gifts to them.

But this feature is paid, and many users want it free. We have a solution for that and got you a bling2 mod apk where all rooms are unlocked, and you can access all its premium features for free.

Safety concerns of bling2 mod apk

side effects of using bling2 mod apk

Permanent account blocking

using modded versions of the apk may lead to a permanent account block because it can use false information for your entrance into the application, but you only see direct login.

Hurting the original developer

Modded versions damage the original developer because people get premium features from the modded version for free and lose interest in the original apk, which causes them to lose money and users for the original developers.

Breaching user guideline

Google does not recommend the modded versions because a third person modifies the modded applications, and they cannot follow the guidelines of the original developer, which may be harmful to the user.

System Requirements/App Requirements of Bling2 mod apk

Required OSAndroid 5.O and up
size 30 mb
For PCEmulator
Unkown sourcesAllow

Pros and Cons


  • You can have all locked rooms and unlimited money  for free
  • You don’t need to purchase anything with money
  • You can have everything for free without money
  • You can enjoy your game without any limitations


  • Permanent account blocking is the main drawback of bling2 mod apk
  • Breaching user guidelines is the second drawback.
  • Follow every download step. If you fail to install or unzip the file correctly then your mods might won’t work effectively.


No, you don’t need to pay for this mod version. It’s absolutely free. Enjoy the apk just by installing and launching it

You can install it from our website for free.

no , you can not use bling2 mod apk offline because it requires internet for live streaming and for play games

Yes, you will get all unlocked  rooms and get unlimited money


In conclusion, bling2 mod apk is a very amazing app for all. It has a live streaming feature, a gaming feature, and a play-to-earn feature. Every application has its merits and demerits.

Unlock room, unlimited money, play to earn, and many others are merits of bling2 mod apk, while security risks and permanent account blocking are some demerits of bling2 mod apk