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In this modern time, almost everything upgrades from time to time. But, there are some features which make that thing loveable and enjoyable. But, upgradation is also a need hour that converts the things useful, but that upgrade is not familiar to all people instantly.

But old versions have some options that users like much more than upgraded versions. That’s why we got your favourite old version of gaming and streaming apk named bling2 mod apk versi lama.

We are doing our best to deliver your favorite games and apk’s. You will get your answer by reading this article till the end.

bling2 mod apk
Application Name
Bling2 mod apk
Version 2.11.8
Updated on ]2023
Download size38  MB
Modified versionAll premium features are unlocked
Information about bling2

What is mod apk?

Many people want to know what mod apk. The simple and best answer is The modified version of an application is called mod apk. Many games have their moded version. The reason for the popularity of this “mod apk” is its premium features, which are unlocked for free.

bling2 mod apk versi lama

What is bling2 mod apk versi lama/old version?

bling2 mod apk versi lama/old version is the previous version of bling2 mod apk.

Many games are updated daily, but many users still love their old versions because of their old features. Bling2 Mod apk versi lama has almost all the premium features like bling2 mod apk latest version. It has many features like live streaming, unlocked rooms, unlimited money and much more.

Benefits and drawbacks of using older versions

Features of bling2 mod apk versi lama/old version

There are many features of bling2 mod apk versi lama. Some are mentioned below :


Bling2 mod apk versi lama also provides this feature of live-streaming. You can start live-streaming and can talk with many girls. All the features of live-streaming are also unlocked in this version.

Unlimited Money

There is a feature called unlimited money by which you can buy anything in the game, buy 200+ gifts, and send them to your favourite star in the streaming. bling2 mod apk’s latest version has this feature, but it has been updated.

Beautiful Interface 

bling2 mod apk has a beautiful interface, which is very helpful in navigation. Many users want a clear interface. bling2 mod apk versi lama/ old version provides this feature. It has eye-soothing colours that attract user attention.

Tanpa login/ Without login

Many users want to save their time. This feature is provided by bling2 mod apk versi lama/old version. You can play games and start live streaming by just opening your game. You do not have to log in/sign up to enter the game.

No ads

At present, everyone earns through ads. But I can spoil the user experience and can create hurdles for users. bling2 mod apk versi lama /old version got this cover and gave you this amazing feature of no ads. You can experience games without any Ads.

You can get many other options by using bling2 mod apk versi lama.

Offline play

bling2 mod apk runs on the internet, but bling2 mod apk versi lama can still play without the internet.

Disadvantages of bling2 mod apk versi lama/old version

As bling2 mod apk versi lama has many features, but it also has disadvantages. We will discuss Some of them below:


The old version of any application is outdated. You may think what is outdated means ?. Outdated means that the application has the latest version with advanced features. bling2 mod apk versi lama /old version is also an older version of bling2 mod apk, which has the latest version and more features.


Older versions have bugs and errors that can lead to a bad user experience and ultimately cause low sales. Bling2 mod apk versi lama might have bugs and errors because it is also the older version.

lack of customer support

bling2 mod apk versi lama also has a lack of customer support in older version. You can not get support from their representatives due to its older version.

Cannot contact the developers, support problem, and can not update.

lack of latest features

bling2 mod apk latest version has many more features than bling2 mod apk versi lama because the developer deploys more features in the latest version rather than the old version.


Many mobiles do not support old versions of applications due to compatibility issues.

bling2 mod apk versi lama

How to download bling2 mod apk versi lama/old version

To play bling2 mod apk versi lama, you must first download the file. How can you do it?

We will explain to you step by step.

  1. Search the URL and hit enter.
  2.  You can see the download button when you land on the website page.
  3.  Click on the download button and wait while your file is being downloaded.
  4.  If you get any errors, do not worry. Just repeat the process.

How to install /Cara instal bling2 mod apk versi lama/old version

1. open your mobile settings and search for ” install unknown apps.”

2. click on Install unknown Apps and open Files by Google or File Manager

3. click on Allow from this source

 4. Now go to your file manager and open your downloaded apk

5. click on the install button

6. Enjoy your bling2 mod apk versi lama.

To get your installation done perfectly, follow the instruction

if you got any error repeat the process.


  • You can have all versi lama features  for free
  • You don’t need to purchase anything with money
  • You can have all unlock room features
  • You can have everything for free without money
  • You can enjoy your game without any limitations


  • Follow every download step. If you fail to install or unzip the file correctly then your mods might won’t work effectively


Yes, you can download from the download button given above

No,its totally free you can download it from given download button

yes , it is totally safe to download


In conclusion, Bling2 Mod APK Versi Lama (older version) offers a familiar gaming experience with retained original features. While it may provide certain exclusive content and customization options, it also comes with potential drawbacks such as missing out on the latest updates, security risks, and decreased support.

Players should carefully consider their preferences and prioritize safety when deciding whether to use the older version. It’s essential to download from trusted sources and stay informed about potential security risks associated with using modded APKs to ensure an enjoyable and secure gaming experience.

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